A winning Resume

Yours Resume - your story

The resume is the window to your profile, your elevator pitch. It is one chance you have to sell your personal brand to the admissions committee of your dream B-School or to prospective recruiters.
To let your resume
sell your brand before you pitch in at the interview stage, you need to craft a compelling story.

Creating a winning resume is neither easy nor quick. It warrants a good deal of introspection, writing skills, and above all – storytelling.

Ask anyone about crafting a compelling resume and you are sure to get a wide spectrum of advice. The dos and don’ts, the multitude of ways to state your achievements, one page or 2-page, and the list goes on.

We provide comprehensive set of solutions to write a winning resume. 


- We provide advice on how to write your resume
- Share template for a rough draft
- Review to strengthen your resume
- Multiple edits permitted
Note: A call is scheduled through Hangout if required


Are you ready to let your resume do that talking?

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