Working mothers - Should you go for a mid-career MBA?

MBA for working mothers:

Mothers are the hardiest person of any household, caring for well-being of the entire family, sometimes even at the cost of their own career progression. Working mothers face a unique balancing act between their career and the wellbeing of family. This post is dedicated to all those working moms who are looking for a boost in their career or switching careers through the MBA route.

During our tenure of a year at the one-year full-time MBA programs at IIMs, its been a pleasure to have working mothers as our batchmates, and gain a closer look at their fine balancing act.

So, how do they succeed?


You are already playing a phenomenal role by juggling career and family. Is this the right time to make a move – one that would set you back by close to INR 30 lakhs (as of 2020) with opportunity cost running close to half a Crore?

An MBA degree from a top tier B-school in India such as the IIMs or ISB enriches you with knowledge that pays over the very long term. The short-term may look bleak as you sink in princely sums of money to get a degree at a coveted B-school, but the skills that you gain over a period of year and the network your build increases your net worth at least 10x. Also, post MBA you would be better poised to take care of yourself and in turn your family, as the life skills you gain at MBA make your poised to run the whole marathon called career. Its no race, its just that you have to be in there for the long haul.

We would suggest working mothers to view MBA as an opportunity to improve the lifestyle of their family, not as an investment or task that appears daunting.

During MBA

The leading B-schools recognise the value working mothers bring to an MBA class, arranging family accommodation for them should they choose to stay with their family while pursing a full-time MBA. You would also be amazed at the support system from fellow batchmates at any hour of the day or night. Even professors understand that working moms need to wear multiple hats, and support them in all ways possible.

The culture at leading B-schools is highly collaborative even though a fair degree of competition exists to drive each other further. The syndicate groups come to your rescue if you have an urgent family need while there is an assignment deadline. You can treat your batchmates to home cooked food in return, maybe 😊

Broadly, you have 2 accommodation choices:

- Single Accommodation:- You would be staying alone in the dormitories, with your batchmates next door. Your family can visit you occasionally but it will be difficult to stay for the long term. You may opt for this accommodation if you have a support system back home to take care of your child.

- Married Accommodation:- You would be given a furnished flat within the campus, where you can stay comfortably with your family. Its preferable if you have someone to stay with you to take care of your child while you are in class.

If you are worried about schooling options for your child, don’t worry. Most of the leading B-schools are located in cities where there are abundant options for schooling your kid. You can get in touch with alumni who will guide you about available options so that your kid doesn’t miss our on his/her studies.

Trust us, you and your kid will have an amazing experience over the course of a year and have memories to cherish for a lifetime. There can be no more fun that to study together in the library, can’t it?

Post MBA

This phase would play an important role in your life. If you are working mother, it would be preferable to choose a job that lets you have a good work-life balance so that you are able to handle all responsibilities without compromise.

A career with a leading BFSI company, FMCG companies, or even startups might be highly rewarding. Some IIMs see participation from leading government firms that allow you to balance family and career without any compromise.

In fact, the life skills you get from an MBA enable you so well to handle multiple projects that prioritising will become your innate quality.

So go ahead, research your options, and take a leap of faith. It will turn our sweeter that you could ever think.

Cheers to all working mothers !

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