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You have chosen a journey with a leading public sector enterprise – a journey that would give you a wide spectrum of experience, the opportunity to don many hats, and a secure job with good compensation. But there is more to life than that.

As an HBS professor notes in his masterpiece, there are 2 factors in any job:

- On one hand are the Hygiene factors such as job security, compensation, social status

- On the other hand are Motivators, factors such as ownership, challenging work, ability to make a difference, and personal growth

Bad hygiene hurts. But hygiene is not all. You need motivators at work. When motivating factors are present, you will love your job even if it pays a little less that your neighbor’s.

Did you choose your job with the hygiene factors as your primary criteria, and continue because of the hygiene factors? At times you feel an itch to do something more – the cost of lost opportunity can be huge.

For an early – mid career professional in a public sector unit, a 1-year MBA is a perfect fit. Data shows that a sizable portion of the class at 1-year programs of leading B-schools in India are employees of PSUs who seek are in search of motivators.

What can you contribute to the class?

Well, a lot. An early-mid career professional in a PSU would have handled large teams, led strategic programs for their organisation, collaborated with multiple stakeholders, and donned multiple hats through all those years.

She would have gained deep functional expertise in one or more functions, gained the experience of working under pressure, and driven policy decisions that make a difference.

A lot of the experience at PSUs remain understated. An itch is all that is required to translate this into action to make a difference.

What you can gain from the class?

A whole lot. A class at a top-tier B-school in India would have accomplished professionals from all kinds of sectors and functions. The possibilities are immense – you stand to gain perspectives across multiple industries and functions, and have the platform to place your experience in and relate it to others. The peer learning is immense.

Professors help you open doors, and develop your intuition. They not only help you gain concepts but also shape your thinking process. The best professors are the ones who teach you not what to think but how to think.

The learning and the brand empowers with resilience, something that helps navigate uncertain scenarios.

What lies beyond?

It’s a dreamy world out there. Will there not be risks? Of course. But who has gained something in life without taking any risk.

Don’t remain trapped in the comfort of your job that only gives hygiene factors. The opportunity cost of being stuck in a secure job is too high. Seek to be in a job that gives you a good balance of motivating factors and hygiene factors.

And you are not alone. There are hundreds who are making this move each year for a life-changing experience.

Reach out to us at if you need guidance in making this transition. We have experienced folks who made this transition themselves and helped others on this journey.

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Come, join us. Go beyond...


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