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Essays almost inevitably form a crucial part of the MBA application. The topics of essays vary – from abstract topics, to intensely personal ones.

Admissions committees of B-schools care not only about your GMAT scores and work experience, but also about the kind of a person you are, our value systems, and seek to assess the value you bring to the cohort. As best MBAs are experiential learning programmes, evaluation of this aspect of your profile makes sense.

An essay demands introspection on events in your life and your career aspirations. Essays may seek to understand a candidate’s style of leadership, how they handle stress, their morale and values, among others.



Statement of Purpose

A statement of purpose often forms a core element of your MBA application. A richly crafted SoP adds weight to your application and makes you stand out from the crowd. Preparation of an SoP needs introspection on your career objectives and how an MBA degree can add value to your profile.

It is an involved process that leads you to a path of self-discovery in regard to your career goals.

An SoP not only seeks to portray what the candidate stands to gain out of the resources invested in an MBA, but also seeks to answer what the B-school stands to gain from having the candidate in their cohort.

There is no clear structure that works the best. As we move from an era of standardization to an era of customization, an SoP customized to the needs of a candidate works best. 

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The internet has a wide spectrum of free resources to guide you towards creating a powerful SoP or effective essays.

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